The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Avalon Golf League held at The Mendip Golf Club on Thursday 24th October 2013


The meeting was opened at 7.05 p.m. by the Chairman with 39 representatives and 7 observers.


1.    Apologies. Mike Wilkes, Stuart Coleman, & Andy King.

2.    Minutes of the 2012 AGM. The Minutes of the 2012 AGM were accepted as an accurate record, proposed by Mark Hewlett & seconded by Malcolm Gray.

3.    Matters Arising. None.

4.    Chairman’s Address. Good evening gentlemen. First of all a big thank you to Minehead and West Somerset Golf Club for hosting us this evening and thank you all for attending. I do appreciate that it is a long drive for many of you although I am sure that the Minehead members are grateful not to have to make the long journey for once.

I am pleased to advise you that  competitive golf is alive and well in Somerset, at least it is if you read the League tables, with three of the divisions being won by a margin of one point or less and the others all depending on the last match of the season. My congratulations to Frome A for their retention of the Division 1 Championship, to The Mendip for their Finals Day success, to Wells for winning the first ever Shackleford Trophy and to all the other winners.

This was the inaugural year for the Shackleford Trophy, which is awarded to the team scoring most points through the season. We thought that this was a fairly straightforward matter when we set it up, but we did not take Murphy’s Law into consideration and I must apologise to Peter and to the participants for this. Jeff will cover this in his report but I must thank Wells and Orchardleigh for their sporting conclusion. Much of the confusion with this competition was caused by a fixture not being completed and I would ask all teams to consider the knock on effects of failing to play a match.

This has been my first year as Chairman and in all honesty has involved very little effort on my part. The smooth running of the Avalon Golf League involves a great deal of time and effort, especially during the summer months and in the run up to the Annual General Meeting and we owe a huge vote of thanks to Jeff for his efforts this year. I have suggested a change to our banking practices with a view to help ease the Secretary’s burden. Jeff will mention this later and I hope for your support.

Finally thanks again, to you all, for coming tonight and please pass on my thanks to all your players for taking part during the season.

5.    Secretary’s Report.

A copy of the report had been circulated and uploaded onto the League website prior to the meeting.

Congratulations were tendered to each of the Divisional Winners. As the report contained everything the Sec had to report and any other aspects would come up in later agenda items he confirmed that there were no further questions and concluded the report.

6.    Treasurers Report. Copies of the 2013 Income and Expenditure sheet were circulated prior to the meeting and issued at the meeting.  It was noted that the accounts had been audited by Steve Corrick (WSM Treasurer & PLC Finance Director) and found to be correct. There were no queries regarding the accounts, the statement and Treasurers report were proposed by Paul Fullbrook & seconded by Jerry Winter and accepted by the meeting.

7.    Election of Officers. The sec informed the meeting that the only members due for the bi-annual re-election this year were Rob Ford & Andy Carter and both were prepared to continue. It was unanimously agreed to re-elect them.  

8.    Subscriptions.  On the recommendation of the Treasurer, the Annual Subscriptions were held at £25 per member team.

9.    Match Fees.  It was confirmed by the meeting that match fees will remain at £120 (£12 per head) with the usual proviso regarding extra players.

10.    Constitution Update. The proposals for updating the constitution were unanimously approved by the meeting as follows:-  These are:-

Ø  Clause 3.2 updating to exclude requirement for postal vote. The clause will therefore read “Application for membership of the League shall be made in writing to the secretary. On receiving such application, the secretary shall notify all existing member teams of the application and request a response, even if that response is an abstention.”

Ø  Clause 8.6 – updating for consistency. Clause should read “Should a match be cancelled within the provisions of Rule 8.5 and not able to be re-arranged, the home team will receive 6 points and the away team 8.5 points.”

Ø  Clause 8.7 – from discussion with Terry Crane this was an omission to be updated when the away points were increased for matches many years ago; it is really just bringing the Constitution up to date and consistent for all teams. The clause should read “Should a match be abandoned because of unexpected circumstances, all games still in progress at the time of the abandonment shall be considered to be halved with the home team receiving 1 point and the away team 1.5 points. All completed game results shall stand.”

Ø  Clause 8.10 – updating for communication changes and removal of fine. The clause should read:- “The completed result sheet, signed by both team captain’s, and including all players names and handicaps shall be communicated to the secretary by the home team following the match, ideally scanned and e-mailed.”  

  • A further consideration that I would like to put before the meeting is regarding adding to Clause 8.6 above when a match is not played owing to one team for whatever reason not being able to fulfil the fixture which has been arranged usually in the previous October. In this case I would like to propose the following change.

v  The team defaulting and not being able to fulfil the fixture on the agreed date is deducted 10 points in their division that season.

v  The opposing team if a home team will receive 6 points and if an away team 8.5 points.

  • Regarding this latter point may I also take this opportunity to remind all teams and their captains that a fixture should not be changed if a team is not able to field their strongest team, the match is expected to go ahead in these circumstances.
  • A final point that Rob Ford will put before the meeting is regarding clause 6.4 regarding signatories of the League bank account. Rob is himself secretary of the Somerset Captains Society and is suggesting the League move to 1 signatory rather than 2 at present. The principal reason for this is to enable us to operate the League bank account with electronic banking which is not possible if 2 signatories are required on the account. If accepted the clause will read:- “The committee will administrate a bank account for all League funds. One member of the committee must sign all cheques or electronic transfers drawn against the League account.”

11.    AOB. The one item of AOB was to consider the proposal from WSM GC regarding the promotion and relegation of 2 teams each year rather than 1. After some discussion a vote was taken and the proposal was not adopted as a change to the Constitution.

Another point raised was regarding the meal arrangements associated with matches. It was confirmed that the meal arrangements are reciprocal between teams and will be managed / arranged on that basis.


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.05 p.m.



Following the meeting, the trophies were presented as follows:


Mockeridge Pairs Cup – Taunton Vale A


Div 1. – Frome A

Div 2. – Isle of Wedmore A

Div 3. – Orchardleigh A

Div 4. – Minehead & WS A

Div 5. – The Mendip

Div 6. – Wells

Div 7. – Minehead & WS B


Finals Day Trophy. –     The Mendip

Runners-Up   –     Minehead & WS A


Terry Crane Cup   -    The Mendip


Shackleford Trophy    -    Wells


Team representatives then congregated in their respective Divisions to set the fixtures for the 2014 season.