2018 AGM Minutes



The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Avalon Golf League held at Cricket St Thomas Golf Club on Thursday 25th October 2018


The meeting was opened at 7.10 p.m. by Rob Ford with 81 total attendees, 52 team representatives out of a potential total of 57 with 23 observers and 6 committee members.


1. Apologies. Steve Corrick, Paul Burns, Simon Waddington, Keith Wiggins, Richard Goodman, James Ward, Sean O’Neill & Dave Kerswell.

2. Minutes of the 2017 AGM. Mike Garbutt pointed out 2 corrections required to the minutes as presented, where he had proposed that the subs for 2018 should be waived owing to the healthy balance in the account. The meeting voted against this proposal. In addition the incorrect year was indicated for the preparation of fixtures for the 2018 season not 2017. With these changes made the Minutes of the 2017 AGM were accepted as an accurate record, proposed by Rob Ford & seconded by Andy Carter. A copy of last year’s minutes are attached for confirmation of execution of the corrections.

3. Matters Arising. No other matters arising from the minutes.

4. Chairman’s Address.

Rob welcomed everyone to the 2018 Annual General Meeting. “May I start by thanking Cricket St. Thomas Golf Club for hosting us this evening. This has been a rather strange year, starting in the pouring rain with several matches postponed due to muddy courses and ending with concern that we might lose players down cracks in the ground. But I think that we have all enjoyed playing golf through this fabulous summer.

My congratulations to Vivary Park as champions of Division 1 and also to all the other league winners.

The season has run very smoothly without many problems although I am very aware that the committee has rather let you down with the slowness in getting the results updated quickly enough, especially towards the end of the season.

After due consultation, between Jeff and other committee members, I think that we now have a system in place to correct this. Jeff will go into this in more detail later.

Finally, may I thank all of you for coming tonight and also thank all the competitors, victors or otherwise, who make this Avalon league as enjoyable, successful and friendly as it is.”

5. Secretary’s Report. A copy of the report had been circulated. The key issues discussed were:-

·    The general meeting dissatisfaction with the updating of the results on the website.

·    The procedures for the new process of submitting results sheets to the new email address of   avalonresults@hotmail.com . Keith Parker will manage this with support from Martin Dunton to update by Wednesday each week. The ONLY way of submitting results in 2019 will be via this website.

·    Mike Garbutt requested contact details of all the committee members to be uploaded onto the website with other contacts. After discussion regarding GDPR, it was agreed Andy Carter would review the overall position regarding the website and email addresses but the committee details would be sent out to the captains by email for them to have.

·    During discussion on the Mockeridge Cup, it was agreed unanimously by the meeting to open next year’s Mockeridge Cup to the Senior teams also. For confirmation, the 2019 Mockeridge Cup is being held at Weston Super Mare GC on Saturday 13th April.

6. Treasurers Report. The accounts for 2018 were not presented but the current bank balance was reported at c.£5.4k. Mike Garbutt indicated this was not acceptable. Mike also proposed that the £25 team subscription for 2019 should be waived as there was such a surplus in the account. After quite some discussion as to how the surplus has been built up since 2010, Mike’s proposal was put to the floor. There were no votes against the proposal hence adopted for 2019 when no team subs will be collected. It was also agreed that the accounts for 2017 and 2018 will be brought up to date with the overdue subs collected from those clubs who haven’t paid to date and  then duly audited. When completed they will be sent out to the captains.

7. Election of Officers. Rob informed the meeting that the only members due for the bi-annual re-election this year were Ryan Sainsbury and Jeff Lewis, who were both prepared to continue.

In addition, as in the Sec report, Jeff proposed that Simon Waddington was co-opted onto the committee. Rob asked the floor if there were any others who wished to be co-opted onto the committee. Mike Garbutt also volunteered.

Rob then proposed that Ryan & Jeff be re-elected and that Simon and Mike be co-opted onto the committee. Martin Dunton seconded the proposal. The meeting unanimously agreed with the proposal.

8. Subscriptions.  The Annual Subscriptions of £25 as indicated above are to be waived for 2019.

9. Match Fees.  It was confirmed by the meeting that match fees will remain at £120 (£12 per head) with the usual proviso regarding extra players.

10.   2019 Divisions. These had been circulated and fixtures were being arranged on that basis. There was discussion on the fact of no relegation and only promotion owing to Taunton & Pickeridge withdrawing from Div 1 but applying for a new higher handicap team in Div 7. Mike Garbutt questioned the precedent that the committee quoted as this had been the case for over 10 years when a club withdrew from the League. Different examples were quoted when sometimes a vote had been taken at the AGM in some of the earlier days. The proposal to review the position was put to the floor but there was no support for querying the precedent at present. It was agreed that as Mike was now joining the committee this point will be reviewed and the committee will come forward with a revision to the clause in the Constitution at the 2019 AGM.

11.   Proposals. The proposals presented to the meeting were then considered by the meeting.

11.1.     Oake Manor – Reducing Handicap Difference from 90% to 75%. It was reported to the meeting that the EGU had confirmed that as an affiliated League to the EGU we cannot consider this proposal.

11.2 Oake Manor – After quite some discussion on why this was being proposed, Jeff gave some update to the meeting as there was no representative from Oake Manor present to put their position forward. The proposal was put to the floor to vote and there was no-one in favour of the proposal, hence not carried forward. After the vote, Rob suggested to the meeting that all attendees should canvass within their clubs whether there is any interest to have either a unique “Scratch League” or a “Category 1 League”, which the committee could consider in a similar way to reviewing the Seniors League in 2016.

11.3 Oake Manor – A Review of the Points System for Future Seasons. Again in the absence of anyone from Oake Manor, it was agreed that the new enlarged committee would review this in the next year and either come back with some proposals for next year’s AGM or announce that the current system is “Fit for Purpose” for the Avalon League.

11.4 Stockwood Vale Proposals    - As Simon W at short notice was unable to attend the meeting and the fact that he was now co-opted onto the committee, and that the proposals were not Constitutional, but how to further grow and embrace the “Friendship & Development” within the Avalon League family, then Simon will run with reviewing and developing these as part of the committee.

11.5 Tall Pines   - Promotion & Relegation of 2 up / 2 down for all divisions from 2 to 7, other than 1 up / 1 down between divisions 1 & 2. There was again quite some debate on why divisions 1 & 2 would be different etc.. In the end it was put to the vote for the 44 League teams to vote on the proposal as presented. There were 25 teams in favour of the proposal so it will be effective for 2019.    

12.   AOB.

·    Mike Newell asked that the new Seniors divisions for 2019 may be called North & South. This was agreed even if some of the actual geography doesn’t stack up to the practicality of the location of some of the Clubs.

·    Steve Butterfield queried the Seniors divisions for 2019 as some clubs close together were in opposite divisions. It was confirmed that the proposal for 2019 had been received from Taunton & Pickeridge and put out to the 13 Senior teams for their vote as received. Only 2 teams voted against it, hence the proposal was adopted. It has been recorded that Wheathill will probably make an alternative proposal next year for 2020. Jeff also indicated that there may also be additional teams for 2020 and we may than be considering divions 1 to 3 with promotions and relegations which will supercede any consideration of distances.


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.05p.m.


Following the meeting, the Rob presented the trophies to the winners as follows:


Div 1     Vivary Park A

Div 2    Long Sutton

Div 3     Brean

Div 4    Stockwood Vale B

Div 5     Long Sutton Stags   

Div 6     Vivary Park B

Div 7     Isle of Wedmore C


Mockeridge Cup     Vivary Park A (Phil Coleman & Jamie Short)

Finals Day Brean

Runners Up     Vivary Park A

Terry Crane Cup       L Jenkins & D Broom (Brean)

Shackleford Trophy   Vivary Park A


Seniors League     Enmore Park


Team representatives then congregated in their respective Divisions to set the fixtures for the 2019 season.