Updated 14.10.21


2021 AGM & 2022 Season


The AGM was held on Thursday 25th November at Mendip Spring Golf Club commencing at 7pm.


Regarding the 2022 season, it is planned to return to a full season for the Main League and the Seniors League as we all look to move forward to a more normal world of living with the virus via the vaccination programme.
Will all team captains please confirm their participation in the 2022 season by completing a:
form and returning it to the following new email address:-
Let's hope we can all move back to a full season of competitive golf for 2022.
Thank you.





2021 Season Proposal


·   Further to the announcement of the government’s ‘Roadmap’ for exiting Covid-19 lockdown restrictions on 22nd Feb 2021, it is the intention of the Avalon League to run the leagues in 2021. It will need to be on a more ‘flexible’ basis than the constitution describes, to enable “Friendly Golf with a Competitive Edge”, to be enjoyed by as many as possible, when safe and legal to do so according to guidance and legislation at the time.

·   To confirm, as highlighted in the ‘Roadmap’, it may be 21st June before we are able to play any matches, dependent on government direction. It is the responsibility of everyone individually to abide by government guidance at all times.

·   To effect this, matches may commence when guidelines allow, and the 2021 season will be exceptionally extended to Sunday 31st October, 2021.

·   If some matches are unable to be played / fulfilled for ANY reason (whether Covid-19 related or not), there will be NO penalties against any teams in 2021, to maximise flexibility.

·   In recognising this flexibility there will be no promotions and relegations in 2021, to enable teams to play as much as feasible in a safe and legal manner.

·   To further assist in maximising flexibility, as we exit the restrictions of Covid-19, matches may be played on any day of the week, if mutually agreeable between teams and more importantly between the Golf Clubs.

·   Where matches are played in 2021, it may not be feasible to have any meals provided until legislation will allow later in the season. This is another exception for the 2021 season only.

·   Similarly to assist all our Golf Clubs affiliated to the Avalon League in these very challenging times, the match fee of £15 per head will be payable by each team to the home club throughout 2021, whether any food is provided or not.

·   For confirmation the Mockridge Cup and Finals Day will not take place this year.

·   As fixtures are re-arranged, will the changes please be submitted to Keith Parker on avalonresults@hotmail.com

Rob Ford



Update 20.02.21


COVID-19 : AGM & 2021 Avalon League


As we are in 'Lockdown 3' at present there is no decision on an AGM.

After the Prime Minister will make his announcements on Monday 22nd February 2021 where he is due to provide information on his 'Roadmap' for our way out of Lockdown 3, the committee have convened a meeting for Wednesday 24th February to consider all the options for the 2021 Season. It is anticipated at this stage that we will be able to make some further announcement for Monday 1st March with what the forward path may look like for Avalon League Golf for the 2021 Season.


This is in line with what we have indicated previously in October 2020 as:- "The intention at present is to review the status in the UK and the West Country of COVID-19 during February to provide guidance for all teams before any fixtures will be played next year".